Jumping Your Way to a Healthier Body

Posted on Dec 20 2013 - 7:00am by Cathy Brunetti

affordable trampolineTrampolines always make for a good garden toy in Australia. They provide a better recreational activity than a TV, computers and gaming devices, and are effective in keeping children entertained for hours. Apart from the thrill and excitement of bouncing up and down, these devices help young ones have a healthier body.

Any company offering brand-name trampolines for sale in Perth would say that this fun activity brings a variety of physical benefits, including the following:


Jumping up and down for a long period is a great cardiovascular exercise. It gives the heart, lungs and different muscle groups an intense workout and maintains regular weight. These all contribute to making the body generally stronger. Regular trampoline recreation improves the stamina.

Balance and Co-ordination

Trampolines prove to be a more efficient tool than other devices to develop your balance and co-ordination. Balancing on a trampoline floor, which instantly moves whenever weight is applied, is a lot harder than riding bicycles. As the centre of gravity constantly changes in this activity, trampoline exercises provide a better training in developing these skills successfully.


Many muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments are at work when you jump on quality trampolines in Perth. The more these body parts are used, the more they become lengthier and stronger. As a result, you become more flexible and your risk of experiencing arthritis decreases.

Bone Density

Much like muscles, your bones grow stronger from light to moderate physical stress like exercises. The more often you use the trampoline, the higher your chances of increasing your bone density. This helps you stay away from developing fractures and skeletal deformities like osteoporosis.


Trampolining is a fun way to detoxify your body. The rebounding effect of jumping on the trampoline floor stimulates your internal organs and allows your cells to push out toxins. This will give room for more nutrients to come in, strengthening your immune system.

Bouncing on trampolines is highly exhilarating, but safety is still your priority. Look for devices with an intelligent design, UV-resistant nets and rustproof frames. With the right trampoline, your whole family can jump your way to a healthier body safely.