Leaks: Don’t Let Your Money Go Down the Drain

Posted on Dec 2 2013 - 5:45am by Cathy Brunetti

fixing a leakDrainage problems, cracked drains, and damaged sewer lines are among the reasons your foundation is unstable. When it becomes too weak to support your home, you will have a problem in keeping the house in good condition. Moreover, broken drainages cause health-related issues, with some even life-threatening to the family. This is why drainage repair services are necessary to resolve water system issues.

Leaks Caused by Calamities

The soil’s movement and pressure, especially during earthquakes and other calamities, can damage drains, pipes, and sewer lines. Plumbers will install these according to the current condition of your home. If these have been changed or deformed, cracks and leaks may take place. These could lead to other household problems, like the formation of mold and microorganisms.

An expert plumber provides drain cleaning and restoration services. They don’t simply fix damaged water systems; they concentrate on the root of the problem. They’ll inspect your home, look for potential reasons for the leak, and then repair.

Leaks Caused by Pipe Systems

Houses built before 1974 usually have cast iron sewer lines, which corrode as they age. This is why old structures have a higher risk of drainage problems due to poor installation and weaker materials. For houses built after 1974, the PVC sewer pipes will be the main concern. Leaking water attract nearby trees, so the roots might penetrate the water system and cause clogs. This is why root barricades are necessary when there are trees within your yard.

Leaks that Cause Indoor Hazards

Cracks aren’t a threat to your house’s foundation, but these can cause a major water leakage problem. Leaks flow depending on the surface. If there are no slopes, it will cause puddles that will stain the roof. As the water flows continuously, it might go through cracks and other open areas. When it dries up, mold, mildew, and fungus will form, which cause allergies and respiratory problems, like asthma.

Don’t underestimate what leaks can do to your home. Hire drainage repair services that perform expert drain cleaning and restoration to keep your house and family in good condition.