Life on the Road: Maintaining an RV

Maintaining an RV

Maintaining an RVHaving an RV takes a lot of commitment to keep it in good running condition. It requires more maintenance than any vehicle. While some tasks require professional work, here are a few things you can do on your own.

Exterior maintenance

• Check the condition of your roof regularly. Inspect those plumbing vents and TV antennas. For rubber roofs, make sure to treat them at least once every 6 months. There are UV products you can apply to prevent wear and tear.

• Inspect the seal around your windows. Make sure to reseal those cracks or holes to prevent water coming inside your interior. This can cause a lot of damage if not treated properly.

• When getting an RV, you might also need a garage or at least a decent parking space. If none, make sure to cover the RV when not in use. This is to maintain not only the exterior but also the overall condition of your vehicle.

• To improve the overall look of your unit, look for RV decal replacement services. Some even offer personalised decals and stickers. This will give your RV a new look.

Interior Maintenance

• You need proper ventilation to maintain the condition of your interior. If you smell something unpleasant, you might want to check your vents again. Make sure to open your vents during warmer months. Place dehumidifiers in different areas to prevent the growth of mold.

• Use the right products when cleaning toilets, sinks, and showers. Avoid using abrasive cleaning products on plastic materials. To be sure, check the label of the item. There are RV-specific products. Instead of using a toilet brush, wear rubber gloves and use a damp cloth to clean the spaces.

• Clean the flooring regularly. You can apply the same products you use back at home. Verify with your manufacturer to make sure you’re using the right item.

Other than these simple tasks, you should also hire a licensed mechanic for regular tune ups. These professionals would know what you need to repair or upgrade.