What It’s Like to Live in London Alone


LondonAre you planning to move to London alone? Then you must prepare for the demands of this city. A report by GOV.UK reveals that 14% of England’s household population is projected to live alone. This will increase further to 19% by 2033.It is not surprising that many people in London are already or prefer to live alone. After all, who does not want to have some peace and privacy at the end of the day?

A Place to Stay

Accommodation prices are higher when you are in or near the heart of London, but if you do not mind travelling for a longer distance, you can find houses and flats with more affordable prices. Chase Evans notes that buying a house or a flat is similar to buying your lifestyle and future, so better choose carefully before moving. The only sanctuary you will have is your home, so it should be an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Getting around London is easy because you can ride bicycles, buses, trains, or the Tube (underground train). All you need is to know the price and mode of payment. London buses no longer accept cash, for instance. Read the official site of the National Rail and Transport for London for more information. To save money, you should get an Oyster Card.

Safety and Security

Like any other city in the world, there’s a possibility of encountering a crime. It’s best not to be complacent even if London is one of the safest cities on the planet. Avoid isolated and poorly lit areas, especially at night. If you’re going home alone, it’s ideal to know your routes. The tube closes at midnight, so make sure you take a night bus or taxi with a group as much as possible.

Living in London can be exciting. Even if there’s no one to give you advice upon your move, you can get through the experience by familiarising yourself with the city.