Links from High-Quality, Relevant Websites: What They Do to Your Online Popularity

Linking is the essence of the Internet. The ability to jump from one web page to another instantly with a single click makes the Net an efficient tool. The linking structure and relevance of the websites it links to also matter in improving the user experience and earning the approval of Google.

Apart from the practical side of Internet surfing, links on a page take users to other resources on the information. This is similar to how it is in the academe, where scholarly papers only become credible when they’re backed by reliable sources.

That’s the philosophy of Google: to make the Internet a massive library of information where all webpages are based on trustworthy resources. Taking the initiative to clean the Web for the longest time, the leading search engine wanted a tool to distinguish relevant websites from the bad ones, thus giving birth to PageRank.

What is PageRank?

PageRank is a metric that Google uses to establish the importance of webpages. Its algorithm has a way of analysing the page’s authority on a particular subject. Google uses a scale of 0 to 10 to measure the PR ranking of a webpage.

The developers of PageRank, Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, believe that the most important pages on the Internet have the most links going to them. A voting system is necessary to calculate the number of backlinks that a webpage receives. Linking to other pages is a way of casting a vote.

Value of PageRank in SEO

PageRank not only serves Google’s cause, but also your SEO strategy. It’s one of the factors that affect your site’s organic ranking, as it speaks for the content’s quality and relevance on search queries. All pages within your website must have an excellent linking structure and linked to authority pages, the ones with a high PR ranking. Perth web designers can help make sure that every link is functional.

The Linking Equation

Google counts your PageRank based on the quantity and quality of your inbound links. While finding high-quality pages to link to your site is important, you also have to take note of the number of outbound links that page has. Many experts believe that Google distributes one’s PR value to all sites linking to it evenly. This means linking out to relevant sources are only half the job. Theoretically, a PR4 page with only 2 outbound links could transfer more PageRank points to your site than a PR7 page with multiple outgoing links.

PageRank Pitfalls

Many experts in Perth web design and other SEO metrics believe that certain practices can decrease your PR ranking. Link farming is a known method of manipulating PageRank. It’s a process of building links even to irrelevant sites for the sake of linking. This is a form of spamming, which is why sending your site intentionally to link farm can go against your PR ranking.

PageRank is a way to make the Internet a reliable place for research. While there are strategies to increase your PR ranking like interlinking, the best thing you can do is to have beautifully-written and well-researched content. This way, you can make your page a perfect source for other sites. Once other sites want to link to your page, your PageRank would increase on its own.