Live Long and Slobber: Five Easy-to-Train Dog Breeds

Posted on Dec 17 2013 - 5:56am by Cathy Brunetti

dog trainingHaving a pet around the house is a good stress reliever. After a long day, it’s nice to have a dog welcome you home. But while keeping a pet surely has its perks, it also calls for maintenance. This is where professional dog trainers in Tampa and other parts of the country come in.

Not all dogs, however, are fit for training. This is why you should know which dog breeds are easy to train.

Labrador Retriever

This medium-sized sporting dog breed is the easiest to train out there. Its innate gentleness and intelligence make it an ideal pet. Labs are also kind, agile, and good-tempered. This breed is great for kids and friendly with other dogs and even cats. Highly trainable, Labrador retrievers display deep intelligence, which is why it’s highly popular. Grooming isn’t an issue because it doesn’t shed a lot.

German Shepherd

Alsatians are large herding dogs who aren’t exactly dog or cat friendly, but they are very easy to train. German Shepherds are kid-friendly and obey orders easily. They have a high sense of vigilance, making them an ideal watchdog at home and even as canine units in the police and military. Though they shed a lot, grooming is still simple. They are one of the world’s best working dogs due to their inherent good temperament and easy trainability.


Snoopy’s ancestors are easy to train. Beagles are small hound dogs that tend to be excitable and amiable almost all the time. It’s friendly with fellow dogs, but not so much with cats. They shed moderately. Beagles are intelligent by nature, making them a popular and adaptable choice when it comes to dog training. Do note that beagles don’t make good watchdogs.

Golden Retriever

Golden rets are lively, large sporting dogs. These dogs display high intelligence and make for an average watchdog. Many people love golden retrievers because of their reliability and kindness towards people, fellow dogs, and even cats. They don’t shed too much, but grooming requires some effort because of their thick coat.

Yorkshire Terrier

Not all toy breeds are easy to train, but Yorkshire terriers make the cut. These adorable small dogs are not friendly with kids and dogs, but they are cat-friendly. Grooming requires a lot of effort because they shed, but they are highly intelligent and make good watchdogs.

Trainability is an important factor when considering having a pet. Trained dogs are easier to maintain so it’ll be easier on your part to take care of them.