Living with Wheat and Cows: Debunking Harsh Stereotypes about Farm Life

Posted on Sep 17 2013 - 6:52am by Cathy Brunetti

mountain property for saleThose who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city will always find peace and refuge in a farm. However, if it’s your first time to visit one, chances are you’ll start thinking about stereotypes: you will differentiate your life from the people there and come up with a conclusion that they are all the same, doing dirty work and mingling with animals. When that happens, you may revert to your city and decide that it’s not the life for you. Allow this article to debunk some of the most common rural stereotypes that may prevent you from looking for a mountain estate for sale in Colorado and starting your own farm.

Stereotype #1: Work is Boring

You may think that farm work is boring because you’re looking at it from the outside. Try herding the sheep or looking after the horses. There’s nothing more exciting in a farm than running after the chickens or guarding your estate from trespassers. Above all these things, farm life is actually fulfilling, especially when you harvest the crops you planted. That’s the time you realize hard work really pays off; you reap what you sow—literally.

Stereotype #2: People Lack Education

This may be the harshest stereotype about farm life. Many usually think that those who stay on the farm are only motivated by their need to eat three times a day, and that they don’t invest in education. On the contrary, in order to be an effective farmer, you will have to take a crash or full course about the proper handling of crops, animals, and business management.

Stereotype #3: Culture is Nonexistent

Those who say this apparently believe that culture is what they see on TV, in downtowns, or in malls or might have failed to attend his or her first day in Sociology class. Culture is everywhere, and it’s more evident in a farm. Just take a stroll over to the weekend market and you’ll see the culture you’re looking for. You may also take part in different festivities or attend regular townhall meetings.

Stereotypes are made by those who only depend on observations. Do away with these stereotypes and get a mountain property in Colorado to live your own farm life.