Long-Lost Van Gogh Identified

van goghA Norwegian industrialist never realized what he had stuffed in his attic. For nearly six decades a painting by Van Gogh that was declared to be a fake, lay banished in the dark area of his house. However, the long-lost painting saw the light of day when on Monday, it was pronounced to be the genuine thing. The identification of the canvas after such a long period makes it the first full-size painting by the tortured Dutch artist to be discovered since 1928.

Sunset at Montmajour

The 1888 landscape by Van Gogh, ‘Sunset at Montmajour’ was authenticated by experts from the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. These experts relied on certain letters belonging to Vincent Van Gogh, chemical analysis of pigments and canvas X-rays to come to their conclusion.

At an unveiling ceremony for the painting, museum director Axel Rueger called it a ‘once-in-a lifetime-experience’ and said that this painting marked one of the high points of life for the artist.