How to Make Your Windows Less Vulnerable to Break-ins

security shutter

security shutterNo homeowner wants to think about the possibility of a burglar targeting their house, but it definitely happens. Preparing for it, however, can make the difference between keeping your possessions and losing them.

One important thing to note is that a large portion of burglaries happen through a window. This is because glass is much easier to break through than a solid wood door, and windows tend to have weaker locks and frames as well.
In order to make your home truly safe, you need to address this issue by following these tips.

1. Don’t leave them bare – Thieves will usually spy on a property before attempting their break-in, and a completely bare window gives them a free look at your possessions. Use some sort of window treatment to prevent this.

The most extreme form of protection is by adding metal grills to the windows, but this can pose a safety risk in the event of a fire. You’re better off with window shutters; Perth homeowners have relied on them for years, and a few of the more recent models even have their own auto-locking systems.

2. Get rid of nearby vegetation – One of the most common mistakes is leaving trees far too close to windows. The branches will give criminals easy access to your upper floor, where your security is probably much weaker. You should also avoid growing shrubs and bushes too near to the house, as it acts as a cover.

3. Add security measures – Technology is an incredibly effective deterrent, and a good security system will discourage all but the most determined of thieves. Surveillance cameras, alarms, and strong locks are more than enough for the typical home.

4. Use lighting – Good lighting is another requirement for safe windows. Keeping the lights on near any possible entrances to your home will make burglars think twice before approaching, as they will be completely out in the open.

With these precautions, you can sleep easily at night knowing that no criminals will be slipping in through your windows. That peace of mind is well worth the effort.