Men and Women’s Skin: Understanding the Difference

Men and Women’s Skin

Men and Women’s SkinChances are you have long since known that there is a significant difference between a man’s skin and that of a woman’s.

Have you ever wondered why women are more prone to cellulites, though? The simple truth is that men have them, too. The only difference is that they are not nearly as visible on men because of the difference in skin. It is for this reason that over the counter skincare products have different variants, each catering specifically to different skin types and each product made specifically either for men or women.

Read on for a deeper look at the differences in male and female skin:

Skin Texture

Men’s Skin Centre attests that, simply from a texture standpoint, a man’s skin is very much different from a woman’s. Men generally have rougher skin. On top of this, there is a huge difference in sebum composition and production. The longer period of being prone to acne among men can be attributed to this.

Skin Thickness

There are several factors that contribute to the thickness of an individual’s skin: location, age, and gender. What makes skin thicker among males is the presence of testosterone. This accounts for about 25% of the reason women’s skin are less thick. With age, however, comes the gradual decline of men’s skin thickness which is in contrast to women’s skin, which retains a constant thickness right up to the age of fifty.

Collagen Density

Men have higher collagen density than women, regardless of age. It is for this reason that many researchers believe women generally (appear to) age much quicker than men. The fact that men generally use less sunscreen than women—thereby exposing them to more UV radiation—can add years to men’s skin and thereby negate the benefit of slower intrinsic aging due to collagen.

If you want to take better care of your skin, make sure to use products and treatments designed for your specific skin type as well as your gender. Otherwise, you will not maximise their benefits and will only end up wasting money.