Men’s Guide to a Marriage Proposal Straight from the Movies

Romance movies have made it hard for men to plan their own wedding proposals. Why? Because some proposal scenes are just too difficult to top. Case in point, the movie Wedding Singer. Now, every girlfriend who has seen the part wherein Adam Sandler sings I Wanna Grow Old With You to Drew Barrymore (secretly) wants their boyfriends to sing to them. Over the intercom. On a plane. Or something like that.

Most men cannot plan their own lunch alone – let alone a marriage proposal

Movie proposals look beautiful and endearing because a team of people (actors, scriptwriters, directors, catering crew, etc.) set them up. It may be hard for you to pull off something too lavish or outrageous, but you can at least have your own collaborators. Ask your friends or family members for ideas and let them help you in planning the surprise.

Take note of your fiancée’s personality and then plan accordingly

The best way to propose to your girlfriend is to plan something unique and special. Whatever you do, make sure to keep her in mind and understand what she really loves. Some points to consider: Is your girlfriend a private type of person? If she’s a bit shy around people, you don’t want her to feel squirmy and uncomfortable in the middle of your proposal. Plan something private and intimate, like a candlelit dinner for two in an elegant restaurant.

Is she fine with a little public display of affection? If she’s the type who doesn’t mind the attention and loves celebrations, you may plan an event where you’d have all your friends around to witness your special moment.

Buy the engagement ring

Before visiting any Melbourne jewellery designers, try to remember any hints that your girlfriend may have dropped about what she likes in an engagement ring. Did she mention a certain style? Or have she noticed one of her friend’s ring at some point? If you cannot recall anything, call her closest friends and get ideas before shopping for engagement rings in Melbourne.

Once you have one of the perfect engagement ring in Melbourne in your hands, you are good to go. A strong and happy marriage goes far beyond a cinematic wedding proposal. Nevertheless, it never hurts to start an exciting relationship with moments like this. So make sure to plan it carefully.

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