Met Office Will Now Forecast Weather In Space

The Met office is now capable of predicting weather in space and will forecast the same daily. The service will be available 24×7 and is aimed at helping businesses and governments by giving them advanced warnings of solar storms that have the potential to disrupt satellites, power grids and radio communications.

First Forecast in Next Spring

solar flaresIn all probability, the first forecast of the weather in space will come from the Met office next spring. Meanwhile the Met office is looking to further improve its ways of predicting the space weather via collaboration with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The entire project is being funded by the Department for Business that has extended a 4.6 million pound help for the next three years. There are three UK partners too involved in the project namely, British Geological Survey, Bath University and RAL Space.

Mark Gibbs, the head of the space weather at the Met office said, “Space weather is relatively immature science but understanding is growing rapidly”.