Microsoft To Buy Cloud-Based Software Maker Parature

Posted on Jan 9 2014 - 5:08am by Conrado Simon

In a move to strengthen its services, Microsoft Corp said it would buy cloud-based software maker Parature Inc, which helps businesses manage help desks and provide other online customer support services.

An Impressive Lineup of Customers

microsoftParature’s software is designed to help businesses provide automated customer service, manage online discussion boards and forums, and conduct online surveys among other things.

Because of the company’s reliability, its list of customers has grown to include big names such as, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), International Business Machines Corp (IBM), and Saba Software Inc.

Microsoft did not disclose the terms of the deal.

A Boost to the Dynamics Unit

This new acquisition is seen to boost the American multinational computer maker’s Dynamics unit, which makes business software for big name customers including Mattress Firm Holding Corp, Pandora Media Inc, and Nissan Motor Co.

Cloud computing, a broad term referring to the delivery of services via the Internet using remote data centers, is becoming a favorite among companies, as it’s faster to implement and more affordable than traditional software.

Shares of the computer company rose around 1 percent on Tuesday morning, January 7, on the NASDAQ.