Mike Tyson Opens Up About His Haunting Past

Posted on Oct 23 2013 - 8:13am by Wileene Grace Olimpo

In an essay for New York Magazine, Mike Tyson opens up about his childhood in Brooklyn.

Much has been said and written about Tyson, and now the controversial retired boxer finally shares his life story in his own words.

Tyson’s life as a young thug

mike tysonTyson grew up recalling that “you never knew what you’d find when you broke into people’s houses.” He remembers his family’s hometown of Brownsville, Brooklyn as a “horrific, tough, and a gruesome kind of place.”

He said he remembered watching men on the street fighting and shooting each other.

Things weren’t much better at school, where he was bullied, constantly having his food and money taken.

Unable to handle the constant harassment anymore, Tyson decided to drop out.

Undisputed truth

Tyson met his burglary team saying that he really felt safe. Helping robberies, Tyson eventually became part of the group and was able to find his place in what was considered an extremely dangerous area.

He also talked about topics from his accomplishments in the ring and his trials outside of it.