Mobile Anti-Theft Feature To Be Tested In New York And San Francisco

iphoneIn an attempt to thwart widespread mobile theft, new anti-theft features in the phone are to be tested in New York and San Francisco. Prosecutors will put through paces measures on Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S4 to measure their effectiveness on the common tactics employed by thieves.

This test comes in light of the fact that various cities the world-over have asked mobile manufacturers to up their anti-theft features.

The Kill Switch Method

Prosecutors in the US are calling for a ‘kill switch’ method to render a handset completely useless if it is stolen. This they say would make the thievery totally pointless.

Solutions offered by the phone manufacturers include Apple’s activation lock and Samsung’s and other firms’ Lojack system. The activation lock will make it more difficult for thieves to reactivate the phone following an initial, quick deactivation. Both of these will be closely scrutinized by the prosecutors in the near future.