Motocross: An Extreme and Exhilarating Race

If you love extreme action, aren’t afraid to take risks, and are a lover or motorcycles, then motocross is the perfect sport for you. As the name suggests, motocross is motorcycle racing on off-road circuits. The design of the circuit makes it a fast-paced and adrenaline-pumping sport. The terrain typically includes natural features such as hills and cambers, along with man-made jumps, technical corners, fast straights, and rhythm sections.

While entering a motocross or dirt bike competition looks fun and exciting, you need to understand that it involves a lot of danger. Riding a dirt bike is different from riding street bike, and possessing the skills to ride a cruiser doesn’t necessarily prepare you to ride a dirt bike. Body position, brake control, and throttle control are just some of the differences between riding on the dirt and riding on the street.

Know the Dangers

You should about all the risks entailed before even thinking about joining a motocross competition. For one, motorcycles don’t have seatbelts; this means you can be thrown off your seat in a crash. Motorcycles also don’t have an exterior frame to absorb crash forces, unlike cars and other four-wheeled vehicles. This is why most races require riders to have medical insurance to cover potential injuries. Competitions have a “ride at your own risk” policy, which means the motocross rider or rider’s guardian is completely responsible for making sure the rider is properly equipped.

Wear the Right Gears

Motocross racers dress for a crash. As a rule of thumb, beginning motocross riders should wear as much safety gear as possible. Motocross accessories and clothes include knee and elbow guards, boots, a kidney belt and body armour, riding clothes, gloves, helmets, and goggles. You can buy these gears in department stores, local motocross shops, or on online stores. When buying online, however, you need to make sure you still try items on for a good fit.

Prepare Yourself

While you may be itching to ride on the dirt, the last thing you want to do is rush into a race before your mind and body are up for the challenge. Other than preparing your gear and accessories in an Ogio gear bag, you also need to make you are physically and mentally up for the competition. Practice riding every day. Challenge yourself with different courses, practice power slides, and work on controlling the brakes and clutch. You can also enrol on motocross courses and training. To learn more about motocross, click here.