Moving – The Frugal Way

reliable moving services

reliable moving servicesMany people think that moving almost always burns a hole in your pocket. While relocation can be stressful, you can move frugally with the right preparation. Here are some tips on moving without going overboard on the costs.

It’s a matter of timing

Timing is important in moving, as there are discounts and offers you can benefit from at certain times. As much as possible, schedule your move during the low season when there are fewer people who relocate. Often, this is around late fall to early springtime. Apart from getting discounts on your moving costs, you also get to prepare in advance before making the move.

It’s a matter of choice

It will all boil down to your decision on how you’ll move. Getting the services of professional movers in Colleyville can save you some cash, but don’t take everything with you to the new home. You can go for pro movers and move on your own at the same time, mapping out the most direct route from the old location to the new one to save on gas.

You also have to do away with some of the things that you no longer need. Consider putting up a garage sale in your neighborhood a week or two before the move. You can donate the items and write them off as charity tax exemptions. Be sure to consult an accountant first to know how this works. Leave broken and unused items in your old house, or better yet, sell them.

It’s a matter of planning

Start planning two weeks prior to the move. Look around for packing supplies. This will save you from extra costs for letting the movers handling the packing. Also, this will allow you to decide what items go to which box. Some stores provide free boxes and packing supplies, and you can ask from your neighbors and friends who moved recently. Instead of bubble wrap, use unused blankets to cover the breakables.

Negotiate with the moving company of your choice to get a lower rate for the service. Read the contract carefully before signing it to be sure of what you need to pay. Ask for quotes and check multiple companies before finalizing the deal.

Moving frugally is possible as long as you plan ahead and be smart about it. Keep these things in mind to save a fortune in your relocation.

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