Music and Lyrics: Finding Your Way to Creating a Good Song

man playing guitar

You don’t need a music degree to write a song. To come up with a good one, there should be an idea going through your mind. Then, you need to find the right words to express that idea properly and create the right melody to give it emotion. The following guidelines can help you get started with your music and lyrics.

man playing guitar

Decide on the Concept and Title

Decide about the concept of the song if you don’t have any idea what to write about. Once you have a concept, you can come up with a catchy or strong title, which can be a word or phrase. The title should capture the attention of the listener and make a mark, so that it would stay with them for a very long time. You can come up with the title or the concept after composing the melody or music through free tools like Musescore.

Get Inspired

If you’re struggling with your lyrics, get inspiration from others. Read books, watch movies, and listen to songs of great bands and artists. Listening to these artists will probably light up some ideas and inspire you. They may also teach you to play with words and make you understand what lyrics to write.

You can also get inspiration from your past experiences, or those of another person. Write your thoughts about these experiences. The editing should come later, when you’ve completed the song.

Practice Everyday

Writing a song or lyrics is a skill that can improve with lots of practice. Don’t be frustrated if you can’t write the song you want for now. Write everyday to practice your skills and you may come up with something really good. Remember that for every great song you listen to, numerous words and melodies were cast aside.

Collaborate With Friends

One great way to write a song is through collaboration with a friend or band member. You can do this by having each person in a band write different lines to your song. While these may need heavy editing to be cohesive, it can be a good starting point to write lyrics.

Use technology

Downloading a music-editing tool like Musescore is a great way to polish your song. You can use its interface and features to create your own music sheet and play with it. You can use this to control the space and sizes of clef, performance, and a whole lot more. With a lot of great features, you’ll find this software useful for your song-writing endeavor.

When you write a song, don’t just keep it to yourself. It will not become a song until you perform it for an audience.