Navy Secrets Bought Through Bribery

Posted on Nov 6 2013 - 6:21am by Cathy Brunetti

navy secretsLeonard Francis aka “Fat Leonard”, a Malaysian businessman whose company serviced US warships for over 25 years, is charged with using prostitutes and concert tickets to buy Navy secrets.  The scandal resulted in charges being brought against him in a San Diego Federal court.  Not only has national security been breached due to corruption, quite a few high ranking officials are expected to be indicted as part of the investigation.  A November 8th hearing is expected to set a date for trial.

Navy Commander Michael Misiewicz passed on a lot of confidential information to GDMA – Francis’ Singapore based company.  They are accused of moving vessels around and sending them to various Asian ports so that Francis could inflate costs and overcharge the Navy for all kinds of services.  All of the accused have pleaded not guilty – more charges are expected.