Nev. Expert Says Recent Deaths Put TB Back Under Scanner

Posted on Oct 11 2013 - 8:33am by Cathy Brunetti

scannerExperts said that the US waging a winning battle against the dreaded tuberculosis disease, ironically, might be part of the reason why the ailment went undetected in a mother and child who ultimately died of the disease.

TB on radar again

In the early 20th century, TB was a leading cause of death. However, with measures taken by the government to curb its spread, the airborne illnesses symptomatized by extreme coughing, decreased to a record low in the US over a 60 year period of record keeping.

Nevada State’s epidemiologist, Dr. Ihsan Azzam said that one of the main reasons why TB goes undetected nowadays is the common thinking that the disease cannot affect young people. However, Azzam said that with the recent death of the mother and her child, TB was back on the medical fraternity’s radar.

A first round of testing for TB over summer screened over 200 hospital staff where the 25 year old woman died. Off these, while 26 have tested positive for the disease, only two have been diagnosed with its contagious form.