Niche Marketing Services: How Your Agency Can Gain More Market Share

In the last few years there’s been a trend in specialty marketing shops that focus on a particular industry. It seems they’ve been able to resonate with clients in specific industries, and this type of boutique marketing relationship seems to be growing. In the book entitled Niche, author James Harkin even says that the days of the generalist are long over. Here’s how to pick the niche to target and model a brand around.

Start with What You’re Knowledgeable About

Most successful marketing agencies that niche their services choose their based on the industry where they are passionate or at least knowledgeable about. For instance, a dental equipment store can choose dental practices as their target market, while a real estate agent would probably be successful offering local marketing services.

Start with what you already know. People in these industries are looking for marketing companies who understand their business and specialize in providing the type of solutions they need.

Thriving Niche Markets Today

Here are some of the most popular niche markets:

●  Medical – This industry has the most niche markets that you can target for your business. With 33 percent of consumers turning to the Internet for health care and medical information, you can set any goal and simply focus on your strategies to be on top of the competition.

The dental industry is one of the biggest niches, holding 10 percent of the overall niche markets’ share. To think there are even dentists, practice owners, and allied medical professionals who are yet to run their first online marketing campaign.

Another niche worth taking note of is cosmetic surgery. Reports show that more people find their plastic surgeons online. The number of online searches for cosmetic surgery procedures continues to rise, according to a study conducted by

Another great niche to target is the chiropractic industry. Up to 44 percent of chiropractors working on self-employed positions or running their own practices are in need of dependable marketing services. This number of professionals in the chiropractic industry is also set to increase in the next few years.

●  Legal – A significant number of digital marketing companies cater especially to law firms and legal services providers. It’s because many attorneys have big budgets allocated for their online marketing campaigns. Some attorneys are willing to pay thousands of dollars just to rank organically in vanity search phrases or competitive keyword niches.

●  Real Estate – The digital marketing industry has seen a surge of clients coming from the real estate industry. Companies have learned that 91 percent of homebuyers search for properties on the Internet. A whopping 93 percent of these people work with the agent that they can get in touch with first. Many marketing agencies responded by providing services that suit these companies’ needs. This included web design and graphic services that help them showcase their properties in the best way possible.

Niches in finance, technology, and retail are also becoming popular. Large companies in these industries are just waiting for the right company, making it easier for you to close transactions any time. Just make sure that when choosing a nice, think about the long-term benefits and the sustainability offered by the industry.

Look Up On Your Potential Competitors

When deciding on which niche market to choose, check on the other companies that are already involved in it. You must see to it that your business exceeds or at least matches the services that they offer.

Agencies that services dental practices, for instance, offer digital production services that allow them to create dental resources for their clients. Those that accommodate law firms have content providers who are experienced about legal processes, policies, and proceedings. Real estate marketing companies offer local and geo-targeted marketing for their clients apart from specialized design and development services.

Talking to your reseller partner is one the best things you can do when deciding on which niche market to choose. Should you need help choosing or getting new ideas, companies like are available. These companies have extensive experience working with niche SEO companies.