No Room for Fashion Faux Pas: The Rules to Wearing Jewellery

RingAs someone who would never get caught committing a fashion faux pas, it is essential that you master what type of jewellery to wear on which ensemble. Whether it is your sparkly earrings, cute midi rings or jangly necklace, your look would not be complete without a statement piece of jewellery.

This is why you adore your fiancé every time he spoils you by taking you to your favourite jewellery design service in Birmingham. To ensure that you look chic all year long, keep these jewellery rules in mind;

Do not dare wear diamonds, even if they are diamond watches, during the daytime.

Only frost yourself at night when the stones add twinkle and lustre to your eyes. On the other hand, engagement rings are an exemption to this rule.

Do dare combine jewellery of different metals, like gold and platinum.

Gone are the days where you can only wear one type of metal to don your body.

Do dare give your pearls some love.

If you are one of the lucky ones that inherited a loop from their grand mum, wear them. Give it the respect that it deserves because an oyster gave up its life just for that dazzling little ball. If you feel way too twinset with the necklace, convert it into a bracelet that is loose enough to roll up and down your forearm seductively.

Do not dare wear diamond stud earrings alone, unless you want to resemble Eighties Sloane.

Put a modern twist on it by getting a second piercing and wearing two in the same ear, but only wear this after dark.

Do change the setting of your engagement ring, except the stone if your fiancé proposes to you with a family ring that you do not like.

Go back to your favourite jeweller and give him the ideal ring design that you want. He will be able to transform your ring into something that you would wear every day for the rest of your life.

Jewellery pieces can make or break your whole ensemble. Always remember these jewellery rules to maintain your elegant look.