Obama Announces Major Climate Action Plan

US President Barack Obama announced a package of strategies aimed at solving climate change that includes limiting emissions from power plants.

barack obamaObama’s action plan

Obama also announced his plans for expanding renewable energy projects, improving flood resilience, and calls for an international climate action plan. Administration officials had recently rejected the strategy of a “carbon tax.”

President Obama promised in his inaugural address to act on climate change in his second term.

‘We need to act’

In a speech at Georgetown University in Washington DC, President Obama highlighted that “as a president, as a father and as an American, I am here to say we need to act.”

He mocked the critics who said climate change is not a threat to world.

“I don’t have much patience for anyone who denies that this challenge is real,” President Obama pointed out. “We don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society.”

Most of the president’s plan can be implemented without approval from the congress, but some of the issues should face opposition.