The One That Won’t Go Away: Why Some Carpet Stains Reappear

Carpet Stains

Carpet StainsSticky floors and a smelly carpet will surely ruin your day; it may also cause injuries or health problems. Do not let the dirt, stains and clutter affect your daily activities. Your workplace should help you and your employees work harder and smarter, not the other way around.

If you are ready to tackle carpet cleaning in your office this summer, it’s best to know why some stains keep coming back to haunt you.

Cleaning Gone Wrong

Someone spilled a wine on the carpet and it leaves a stain. Instead of getting some help, your employee thought a spray of carpet stain remover and deodoriser is enough. Sure, the blemish can disappear after a few minutes, but it can appear again after a few hours or days.

New Focus Cleaning, a trusted name in office cleaning, believes that seeking the services of experts is necessary to prevent future costly work. Carpet cleaning contractors use the right equipment and are knowledgeable in handling even the toughest stains.

The Carpet is Old

Sometimes, a carpet can look new and fresh after cleaning, but then stains come back a few days afterwards. This is probably because the carpet in your office is a decade-old already. Instead of wasting money, it may be best to get rid of your old, worn carpet.


Does your carpet have a stain that continues to reappear despite vacuuming it every two weeks or using cleaning treatments? It’s probably because of wicking, which occurs when stains have soaked all the way to the backing or padding of the carpet. This usually happens with high volume stains, such as coffee, wine or printer ink.

Getting your carpet professionally cleaned is important, as residues left behind can attract germs and dust mites like a magnet. The stain may have been removed, but bacteria can accumulate over time when the carpet is not properly rinsed.

Keep in mind that a clean environment is vital to running your business. It doesn’t just improve focus and productivity, but also strengthens your reputation.