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Egyptians are getting prepared for a likely urban chaos that could last for days and weeks. Sunday’s planned mass showdown in the form of massive demonstrations could turn the capital, Cairo into a virtual battlefield with tensions running high on both the opponents and supporters side of the President Morsi. Opponents want his removal at the earliest. Already households are facing power cuts, rising prices and fuel shortages. Fences, walls and barricades are coming up in the proximity of homes and key buildings. Shop owners are worried how the showdown will turn out....Continue reading »

What will you do if your accounting division can’t cope with its workload? Some miscalculations over the monitoring of the business finances are sure to happen. There might be errors in the checking of the daily debits and credits. This can cause delays in determining the actual financial standing of your business. Your immediate solution might be to hire additional employees. This can help you work things out better, but you should also take into account the equipment your accounting division is using. Apart from staffing issues, your accounting specialists might need...Continue reading »

Providing care that cures ills and pains is the duty of all health professionals. Doctors are especially bound by this responsibility, as they provide advice about different diseases and dispense treatment. But what happens when you provide medication and it turned out that your patient suffered severe allergy and adverse reactions? Your patient or the family might file a case against you and the hospital you work for. This can cause you to spend a great deal of money trying to defend yourself from the accusation. Situations like this make it essential to have medical...Continue reading »

87 year old comedian Don Rickles was honored by the Friars club on Monday. Robert De Niro who starred with Rickles in the 1995 movie “Casino” was among those in attendance. Others included comedians like Joan Rivers, Bob Newhart and Louis CK. Recorded greetings poured in from the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno and Jon Stewart. John Mayer, Natalie Cole and Diana Krall sang for him. Lewis Black even said that “Rickles” should be a verb meaning to ridicule exquisitely. Rickles for his part had some insults to shower on the attendees. He said “So many stars here,...Continue reading »

Senator Wendy Davis of D-Fort Worth, Texas began a one-woman filibuster against an abortion bill. Davis spoke in opposition to a Republican effort that may impose stern abortion restrictions in the country’s second most populous state. If signed into law, the GOP-led measures will close nearly all abortion clinics in Texas. Speaking from Experience Davis, 50, began the filibuster Tuesday and went on for more than 9 hours. Rules dictate that she remain standing, without taking meal or bathroom breaks, or leaning on her desk. Democrats chose her because of her background....Continue reading »

US President Barack Obama announced a package of strategies aimed at solving climate change that includes limiting emissions from power plants. Obama’s action plan Obama also announced his plans for expanding renewable energy projects, improving flood resilience, and calls for an international climate action plan. Administration officials had recently rejected the strategy of a “carbon tax.” President Obama promised in his inaugural address to act on climate change in his second term. ‘We need to act’ In a speech at Georgetown University in Washington DC, President...Continue reading »

Experts warn about eating honey made from the pollen of rhododendrons, which can trigger heart arrhythmias. Mad honey poisoning case Cardiologists told a European conference about the unusual situations of what is known as “mad honey poisoning” in two patients they had treated. The father and son from Turkey experienced heart-related symptoms after they ate honey from the Black Sea region. Although the case is rare, experts say people should be aware of the possible risk caused by this type of honey. Honey contaminated with grayanotoxin Mad honey poisoning happens...Continue reading »

Specialty Medical Supplies China co-founder and president Chip Starnes cannot get out of his company’s Beijing factory. His employees have been preventing him from going out of the facility since June 21, Friday, due to worker layoff and severance package issues. “I tried to leave a day and a half ago, and there was like 60 or 70 of them here inside every entrance, and every exit was barricaded,” Starnes said. “I can’t go anywhere.” Starnes seems calm and treated well, despite his haggard look. He says that the problem started when 30 workers were laid off....Continue reading »