Paris of South America: Experiencing the Best of Buenos Aires

Best of Buenos Aires

Best of Buenos AiresA visit to Buenos Aires always leaves a long and lasting impression. The South American city is one that buzzes with life and is filled with various facets of different cultures, from Spanish, to French, to Portuguese. Every visit is different from the last, making it one of the must-visit places this 2015.

Many travelers say that Buenos Aires has this exquisite European charm, probably owing to the architectural style reminiscent of those in Paris. As the capital of Argentina, there is always something more about the city than meets the eye.

Even if you only have the weekend to roam around the city, you can discover more of the things that make Buenos Aires such a charming place to visit. Here are some places you should visit and things to do if you only have 48 hours in Buenos Aires:

Torre Monumental

The Torre Monumental is not just a reminder of the city’s close ties with Europe. It also serves as a great observation tower where you have a stunning panoramic view of the cityscape. Given as gift by the British, the tower is known to locals as the Argentine Big Ben.

Teatro Colon

Teatro Colon is another well-known landmark in the city. Its architectural design fuses various European influences, which results in an interesting and unique blend of styles. It is home to many performances such as opera and ballet, and boasts excellent acoustics.

Buenos Aires Cuisine

The food in Buenos Aires also offers a unique taste of Argentine culture. Again, it marries European with Creole cuisine. Typical dishes include beef, pasta, and pizza, but make no mistake of not sampling a taste. The dishes come with a very distinct flavor and aroma that will make you ask for seconds.


Lastly, dancing is a huge part of Argentine culture, and moving to the rhythm of the music is something you should not miss. The tango, the dance that traces its roots in the country, is much celebrated in Buenos Aires. Be sure to attend a tango festival and get to know its succinct but passionate movements.

Buenos Aires has it all for the curious traveler. With a detail itinerary, you can still see and experience more of the Argentine city and what it has. Plan your trip now, and see which unique cultural aspects of the Paris of South America you want to experience.