Planning to Use Promotional Products? Know These Things First

Promotional products are among the most important parts of an effective marketing strategy. Why? An Advertising Speciality Institute study reveals that people love free gifts and always promote businesses that offer freebies. But, how do you incorporate the use of these products in your marketing programs to meet your goals?

Speedex Group and other experts list some suggestions to guide you when giving away promotional USBs and other related products:

Have a clear plan

Careful and informed planning is critical to any marketing strategy, and that tops this list because of its importance and the seriousness it demands. List promotional products of your choice and determine how well they will couple-up with other elements of your marketing strategy.

Decide carefully before ordering promotional products to assess your target audience. Even after you receive the items, set aside a few so you can give some to customers who leave valuable feedback. This way, you can evaluate the performance of your promotional products better.

Choose promotional products that reflect your company’s brand image

When deciding on what promotional items to use, consult with everybody in the company to know if the product positively reflects and enhances your brand image. If your focus is offering solutions to tech people, for example, promotional USBs and flash disks are good choices. You can also design your promotional products to reflect your company's core values.

Use a variety of promotional products

Manufacturers often have packages that come in different varieties, and you can enjoy greater discounts when you buy in bulk. While the decision on how many you should order depends on a strict budget, it's best you not to fixate your promotional products on a one-size-fits-all plan. Get a variety of products for different events and promotions. These can range in model, size, value, and target market.

It's clear that using promotional items can make a solid marketing strategy that could enhance your brand image. However, you need to be creative when giving them out so you can fully enjoy their benefits.