Plot & Character: Two Elements to Tell Stories in Your Content

Content Concept On Table With Laptop And PhonesSearch engine optimization, among many digital advertising strategies, has proven to be an effective marketing tool. Quality content, after all, is difficult to replicate, especially unique ones.

Rise in Rankings: Create “New Content”

Google understands that the usefulness of a website hinges on the information it can provide users. A lot of people rely on the internet, as it is a known repository of accessible data. It is the search engine’s role to offer users the most substantial website concerning their keywords. An SEO blog, for instance, should share basic knowledge on search engine optimization, but at the same time, distinguish itself from other blogs. Newness, in this sense, becomes necessary.

Given the vast number of websites reusing and spinning information, how does one reach relevant status?

Offering fresh information is the first thing to consider. Collating several sources of data and pooling them into a comprehensive study is one way to create new content. By having essential data and discussing specific topics, you get to tell a story of your own.

On Storytelling: The Use of Plot and Character

Another way to create organic ranking through content is good writing. The best writers say that everything has already been written. If you were to go through every single written piece in the world, you would likely find that at the core of all text is one thing: the human experience. What also makes a piece of literature stand out, despite its content being a rehash of some sort, is craft.

There are fiction writers who excel in constructing plotlines, while others are better at giving life to people on the page. But the truth is the plot and character go hand-in-hand. An intriguing and complex plot will drive characters to grow, while the former would not be as effective with flat characters.

Tell a story with dynamic characters and devise a plot. No one likes reading a boring blog. For example, talk about search engine optimization by using a practical example. The life of an office researcher who uses the internet on a daily basis is a good way to capture the interest of your reader.