Prime Fishing Destinations in Australia: The Northern Territory


fishingAustralia boasts a number of holiday fishing destinations. Whether you’re travelling alone or with a group, this beautiful country has the best spots for you. There are picturesque views to see and activities to enjoy. If going on a fishing trip interests you, then these destinations in the Northern Territory will be worth visiting.

Bathurst and Melville Islands

Located about 80 kilometres north of Darwin, Buthurst and Melville Islands offer exceptional fishing opportunities for lone and group travellers. These places are popular among beginners and pros looking for their perfect catch. You can enjoy fly fishing, Barramundi fishing, and bluewater fishing. The waters are home to different species, including Grunter, Mackerel, Snapper, and Blue Salmon. Fishing in the Buthurst and Melville islands is a unique experience for the whole family. These areas are slightly remote, so arrange your flight from Darwin or hire a fishing charter to get there quickly.


As the largest and most remote Aboriginal land reserve in Australia, Arnhemland in the Northern Territory boasts numerous species, including the famous Barramundi. This place offers more than just fish-rich seawaters. You can also find rivers, creeks, and inland lagoons full of freshwater species, such as Saratoga and Tarpon.

Bullo and Victoria Rivers

Bullo and Victoria rivers are just a short flight away from either Darwin or Kununurra. They may be remote, but they offer an exciting fishing experience to visitors. Prepare your fishing rods and baits for a day of fun and freshwater angling adventure. The rivers have large population of Saratoga, Barramundi, Jewfish, and Threadfin Salmon.

Croker Island

It only takes an hour to reach Croker Island, a fishing paradise located 200 kilometres northeast of Darwin. Many species of tropical fish thrive in the island’s clear waters. Expect to catch Mackerel, Mangrove Jack, and Queen Fish.

Book a guided fishing tour in any of these destinations. A great angling adventure awaits you, so look for a booking agency today.