Racist Photo Enrages Public On MLK Day

Posted on Jan 23 2014 - 4:46am by Cathy Brunetti

Online magazine Buro 24/7 surely made the rounds online on Martin Luther King Day after posting a photograph that many deemed racist.

The photo shows Russian Garage magazine editor-in-chief Dasha Zhukova sitting on top of a chair that resembles a half-naked black woman.

The chair is said to come in different genders and skin colors.

MLK Day‘Disgustingly racist’

Twitter user @sunnysingh_nw3 said, “This image on @buro24_7 is so disgustingly racist: [hyperlink] Beware the sickening levels of racism in #Russia #Sochi2014.”

Alex von Tunzelmann also took her sentiments to Twitter and said, “Even in the grim, tasteless world of fashion photography, this revolting racist image- pub’d on MLK Day! – stands out: [hyperlink].”


The online magazine’s editor Miroslava Duma issued an apology on her Instagram page. She said it was not their intention to offend anyone, and that they are against racism, gender inequality, and “anything that infringes upon anyone’s rights.” The editor said that the chair in the photo should be seen as a piece of art and not a form of discrimination.

Bo H, a commenter in the original article published in Huffington Post, said, “You could remove all the genetic and gender specific details of the “chair” and paint them completely orange and it would still be offensive. Because humans sitting on other humans is offensive. This isn’t just about race or gender, but about inequality across broad spectrums of humanity.”