Radiant-Cut Diamond: The Most Brilliant of all Stones

Posted on Feb 19 2014 - 2:00am by Leola Schamber

Radiant Cut Diamond

The radiant diamond cut is a hybrid of the elegant emerald-cut stone and the traditional round-shaped diamond. The result is a square, near-square, or rectangular orientation with cropped or trimmed corners. Radiant-cut diamonds consist of 70 facets and are designed to get maximum brilliance. They are perfect in a four-prong setting and with rounded or square cornered stones.


Radiant-cut loose diamonds’ extra facets attract many colors and disperse more light, making them the most brilliant of all square and rectangular-shaped diamonds. The radiant cut also hides inclusions more efficiently than any other stone. While not included in the traditional selection, radiant-cut diamonds are very popular and make lovely engagement rings. They look beautiful either as a solitaire or with accent stones. You can buy radiant-cut loose diamonds online or from traditional jewelry stores.

Square and Rectangle

Radiant-cut diamonds vary in their degree of rectangularity, ranging from perfectly square to the more traditional rectangle.
Square-shaped stones typically have a length-to-width ratio between 1.00 and 1.05, while rectangular diamonds have 1.05-1.50.Rectangular-shaped stones are a great choice for buyers who want a diamond similar to the emerald-cut shape, but like something with the brilliance of a round. Square-shaped radiant diamonds look similar to a princess cut, except that they have cropped corners. Once set, the two cuts may appear virtually identical as the prongs will cover the corners.

The Brilliant History

Henry Grossbard of the Radiant Cut Diamond Company (RCDC) designed the first radiant cut diamond in 1977. Grossbard was a holocaust survivor; he learned the art of diamond cutting from a cousin after his family immigrated to New York. He developed the radiant cut after 30 years of being a master diamond cutter. Prior to his invention, all diamonds with step-cut or square edges appeared less brilliant. Grossbard changed the industry’s perceptions towards square and rectangular stones after he created a design that bought sparkle to these shapes and possessed equal brilliance with triangular-faceted diamonds.

Radiant-cut diamonds feature a modern look. They’re perfect for those who appreciate the sophistication of emerald-shaped stones and the fire of round-shaped diamonds.