Ready to Toast: The Secrets to Opening a Successful Bar

Posted on Jan 8 2014 - 5:18am by Cathy Brunetti

purchasing commercial chairsIt takes a lot of work to open your own bar restaurant and make it a success. But if you do all the right things and tweak the concept, then it will become a local hot spot and a hangout for all the right people. There’s money to be made here, just don’t expect an immediate return on investment.

The National Restaurant Association expects that sales this year will surpass last year’s $537-billion mark, serving more meals and snacks annually. These startling figures show that there’s gold in meals. All you have to do is consider the following – before you even buy those commercial restaurant chairs:

A Great Concept: What Dictates the Rest

Great bar restaurants start with great concepts. This dictates the food menu, the décor, the location, and other important facets of the business. Make a detailed plan of all the key elements you’ll have to address. Project a plan on how to approach them.

Looking for the right bar furniture, equipment, and supplies is only half the battle. You should also keep in mind the food and drinks you plan to serve, the presentation, and the factor that sets your bar apart from the pack.

A Strategic Location: How to Reach the Target

The key adage in the restaurant business is location, location, location. Conduct as much market research as possible before choosing a place. Know the location’s target demographics. Know who commutes there, who lives there, and if there are any trendy areas.

Before buying those commercial bar and restaurant furniture, make sure your establishment matches the clientele’s tastes. Use demographic factors, such as ethnicity, age, dining habits, and driving habits, to know what will influence your bar. The more strategic location, the fewer dollars you’ll need to invest into the marketing plan.

The Proper Layout: How to Bring in the Right Atmosphere

It’s good to want as many diners as possible in the bar, but you still need enough room for the kitchen, storage, administration, and restrooms. You can’t just cram in the maximum number of diners. You should balance the number of tables with customer comfort.

Ambience is obviously a key element. You’ll want to keep the atmosphere in tune with the image you want to project. Visit other bars or clubs you admire and study their décor if you’re uncertain what to bring in.

Think like a customer, manage your operations with care and attention, and you’ll rise above the pack and become successful. With these tips, you’ll be the life of the party, the toast of the town, and a successful entrepreneur.