Reeling in Customers: Best Practices for Powerful Calls-to-Action


Good copywriting makes brands sell. It is the lifeblood of advertising, without which, advertorial campaigns would not be able to achieve desired results. They need to be catchy, engaging, thought provoking, substantial, and moving enough to stir audiences to take action. This is the reason good copywriting always have effective calls to action.

copywritingCalls to action are probably the most important part of copywriting, according to Big Ideas Group. A copy can be good in the sense that it is lively, engaging, and informative. If it lacks the proper stance when it comes to making people react, then the entire copy loses its meaning.

What Makes Good CTOs

What criteria make calls to action effective enough to reel customers in consistently? Do they provide enough hook? Do they stir up and engage your target audience? Most importantly, how effective are they? These are some of the questions that you need to answer to come up with good calls to action.

Below are some effective ways to help your business:

• Be Concise

Always remember that time is valuable. By making your calls to action short and clear, you drive home the point sooner, which makes them more likely to respond in a favourable manner.

• Be Urgent

When you bring a sense of urgency, it provides the setting for quick response and makes your target audience more likely to react now.

• Be Seen

Be sure the audience sees the calls to action you create. Most readers tend to just skim along and do not read entire texts. This can render calls to action placed at the bottom part of texts useless.

• Be Catchy

Calls to action that stand out have the power to capture audiences. Make it as catchy as possible so you inspire audiences rather than repel them.

• Be Singular

Creating multiple calls to action in a single piece of copy can confuse audiences as to which course of action to take. Even worse, it can cause them not take any action at all. By being singular, you make your audience more receptive.

Decisive calls to action can provide the right hook to reel in audiences and keep customers loyal to your brand. Keep these tips in mind and reel customers in.