Shooting Rampage In Washington Navy Yard – 13 Dead

The heavily secured Washington Navy Yard witnessed a sudden shooting rampage by a former Navy reservist on Monday. The accused was firing from the balcony on to office workers in an atrium below, said the authorities and witnesses. In all, the gunning left thirteen people dead that included the gunman himself.

One or Two Gunmen?

navy yardInvestigators said that they were searching for a second gunman who might have disguised himself in the military-style, olive-drab uniform. However, as night fell, it became increasingly apparent that the bloodshed was caused by a lone man.

Authorities said that the motive of the attack, which occurred at 8:20am in the heart of the nation’s capital, just four miles from the White House and two from the Capitol, still is shrouded in a mystery. Mayor Vincent Gray said that initial probe did not point towards a terrorist attack, although that reason has not been ruled out yet.

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