Skipping Breakfast Not Good For Your Heart

breakfast1Here is another reason why you must eat breakfast- skipping the first meal of the day might put you at a greater risk for heart attacks. Harvard researchers who studied older men found that the risk for cardiac arrest was 27% higher in those who missed their morning meal as compared to those who did not.

The researchers concluded that if breakfast eating could affect heart health in the experimental group, there is no reason why it could not influence the heart health of others too.

How Heart Health and Breakfast are related

Experts explain that when you do not consume a hearty breakfast, you are likely to binge later in the day. This would spike blood sugar levels that in the long run could lead to clogged arteries.

Although these researchers did not say that fatty, sugary breakfast is better than no breakfast, Andrew Oddegard, a University of Minnesota researcher pointed out that both the timing and the content of the breakfast are keys to maintaining heart health.