Solar Boat Crosses Atlantic, Reaches Paris

The world’s largest solar powered boat has reached its final destination- the banks of Seine River in Paris. The boat’s final docking at the port marks the end of its three-month voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. The purpose of the ocean trip was to study how climate change and the Gulf Stream could affect each other.

solar boatTuranor Planet Solar

The 102-foot long catamaran, Turanor Planet Solar became the home for a team of scientists from the University of Geneva starting June. The research team set sail from Miami up the eastern board of United States and then moved into the Atlantic Ocean. The scientists took various air and water measurements during the voyage that would allow them to better understand the complex interactions between the atmosphere and the ocean.

Martis Beniston, the chief scientist of the expedition said that one of the important understandings from the work was that the ‘climate role of the oceans via the aerosols’ had been underestimated so far.