Start a Career as a Yoga Teacher, Here’s How


yogaFor those passionate about yoga and have experienced its transformative impact, it’s only natural to feel the need to share it with others. Therefore, if you are comfortable being in front of a group, and can also connect with individuals on a personal level, then you are a good candidate to be a yoga teacher.

A yoga teacher is a group fitness instructor and personal trainer rolled into one. You lead a group session while providing personal feedback to each attendee.

To develop your skills and knowledge further, here are some things you may want to know to become a good yoga teacher:

Basic Training

No universal organizational body provides testing and certifications for yoga teachers. There is, however, standard baseline training. A 200-hour contact program requires the would-be instructor to attend 200 hours of practical learning sessions.

Such programs may offer their own certification. A few of these programs involve an intensive month-long retreat experience while others schedule the training over a two-year period consisting of weekend workshops or several retreats.

Focus of the Training

Training programs provide learning beyond the exercise and relaxation elements of yoga. The trainee will also take an introduction to yoga philosophy and learn about anatomy and physiology. Different teaching methods will be in the discussion as well.

Specialized Training

Specialized types of yoga, such as aerial yoga, require different types of training. offers antigravity yoga teacher training divided in different learning sessions. While there are no specific certifications required to train as an aerial yoga teacher, a good understanding of the body and being comfortable teaching in front of a group is definitely must. It also wouldn’t hurt to possess flexibility, coordination, and core strength.

Teaching yoga is an exciting profession. You have the chance to not only teach techniques, but also transform lives. Making a living out of it is also possible, such that if you’ve become successful enough, you can supplement your income by holding workshops, weekend retreats, and private instructions.