Stop, You’re Doing it Wrong: Top 5 Cleaning Mistakes

Cleaning Tools

Cleaning ToolsCleaning isn’t exactly rocket science, but most people just can’t seem to get it right. Gleaned cleaning habits from parents or friends may actually be counterproductive when tidying your home and can even put your family’s health at risk.  The cleaning style you’re used to may also do more harm than good to your carpet and furniture.

Here are the top five cleaning mistakes, including the ways to correct them:

Scrubbing Spills on the Carpet

In an effort to remove spills and stains immediately, you may be tempted to scrub the carpet using an abrasive cleaning product.  The problem with this habit, however, is that you are just ingraining the dirt or spill to the fibers of the rug. It is better to pour soda water on the affected area and blot it with a dry cloth.

Vacuuming Only in One Direction

Most people tend to vacuum only in one direction, leaving some dirt and dust behind. Vacuuming in all directions is important to get all the dust out of your carpet. It is also best to vacuum slowly to let the machine collect more dirt and dust.

Cleaning After Flood Damage on Your Own

If too much water has entered your living space, extensive damage on carpet and furniture will surely become a big burden. Disinfecting or drying them on your own will not do so much good as you may not have the right equipment to do the job. You should contact 24-hour water damage experts for safe and proper flood cleanup.

Wiping Cleaners Too Quickly

Spraying cleaners on a surface and scrubbing it immediately after makes it useless. It is best to wait at least a minute before wiping to make sure that the product breaks down dirt particles. Also, make sure to use the right cleaning product.

Cleaning Windows on a Hot Sunny Day

Given that natural light makes window smudges more visible, you may be thinking that warm and sunny day are the best time to clean your windows. Hot temperatures, however, reduce the effectiveness of your cleaning products. This will cause the motion to leave behind streaks, particularly ammonia-based cleaners. If you want to wash windows during daytime, make sure the temperature isn’t too hot.

Take note of these cleaning blunders and avoid them in your nest cleaning routine. Ensure the health of your home and family by cleaning the right way and using the right products.