Super Cars: The Land Rover

Land Rover Defender

For many people outside the automotive industry, the craze about specific brands and models can be slightly confusing, or frightening. But what most of those people don’t know is that the reason so many go mad for cars is because some of them have hidden abilities.

Yes, you read it right, hidden abilities. Think of it as the automobile version of X-Men. Engineers, scientists and designers aren’t just trying to make cars go faster; there are other aspects that they improve on without anyone noticing. For example, Audi’s forte is its seamless intelligent transmission system, and for Honda, it’s their car’s incredible reliability.

Land Rover DefenderThe Power

For Land Rovers, their hidden ability lies in its Power Take-Off (PTO). The PTO is an integral aspect to the Land Rover brand and vehicles since 1948. This ability allowed the Land Rover to power other machines while they remain stationary.

This ability became a significant advantage for both post-war Britain and Land Rover. In 1949, the British National Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Scottish Machinery Testing Station published a report describing the Land Rover’s PTO prowess, and remained a brand staple for around forty years. These days, PTOs can still be purchased on a Land Rover as spare parts or as a special order. PTOs can also be used in industrial and marine engines for powering fire pumps.

The Possibilities

The effect of the PTO on the British agricultural economy couldn’t be overstated; they were like multi-purpose batteries that can power tractors, trucks and spline output shafts. The PTO ability of Land Rovers also makes it easy for out-of-house contractors as well as Land Rover itself to make conversions and adaptations to the basic vehicle. Because they can power the extra attachments, Land Rovers can be outfitted to become snowploughs, ambulances, cherry pick hydraulic platforms, excavators and fire engines.

The label for the Land Rover as the true all-purpose vehicle is well earned; it can literally do or power anything with the right attachments.