Swell Sojourns: Cool Activities for Yuppies in Brisbane


One great vacation location in Australia is Brisbane, as activities for young professionals abound in this city of astounding sceneries. Here are some of the enjoyable things you could do in this area as you unwind from the daily grind:

Commune with culture


Brisbane is home to Australia’s finest art, music, and literature scene. Serving as the heart of culture in Queensland, you can find different venues that cater to different interests here.

For art enthusiasts, a visit to the Gallery of Modern Art and the Queensland Art Gallery would surely make any trip worthwhile. If you want something less mainstream, street art abound in different places of Brisbane, with Edward Street’s Metro Arts Centre being the most notable. A recent report from the Sydney Morning Herald said that a former tramway substation has been revamped into a haven for young artists where they practise, sell, and display their masterpieces.

Music lovers would have a great time at the Brisbane Powerhouse in New Farm, as it provides amazing entertainment through performance art and live music. Theatre and literature aficionados can also find their place in the city, as the area is home to some of Australia’s finest libraries and playhouses.

Enjoy excellent eats

No trip to the area would ever be complete without trying the different world-class restaurants in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. The melting pot characteristic of Australia plays a key role in influencing the cuisines in the area, which means more options whenever you feel hungry.

Stroll through shopping stalls

There are many shopping destinations in the area that sell items from souvenirs to home essentials. The Queen Street Mall, which many consider the fashion and retail centre in QLD, is a half-kilometre long strip complete with five shopping areas, four arcades, and dozens of stores. You can also go to Fortitude Valley for edgy urban fashion or find bargains from street-side shops.

When you want to unwind, Brisbane is the place to be for a sojourn. The many activities in the area fit for young professionals make it an enjoyable destination.

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