Taking Your Fashion Game to a Whole New Level: The Anatomy of a Well-Dressed Man

Well-Dressed Man

Well-Dressed ManFashion is no longer just for women, as more and more men today keep up with the latest styles and trends. Though you like what you wear today and look well-groomed in them, you still probably spend a few hours every day browsing for Instagram photos of stylish men to imitate. He might be that famous guy gracing the covers of magazines or one who’ve won several best-dressed awards.

There is no secret here on how to become a well-dressed man – only signs. You need not be a style blogger or a menswear expert just to rock a good-looking outfit. Many men want to dress better, but do not have a clue on how to go about it. This article features the anatomy of a well-dressed man.

Clean, Casual Shoes

Whether its leather sneakers, desert boot or dress shoes, any guy would look awesome with a nice pair of shoes. 5pointz.co.uk, one of the biggest streetwear stores, suggests that the first must-have is a pair of monochromatic leather in a basic colour, such as white, black or grey. Quality footwear is not a luxury, but a necessity for any man. Clean, casual shoes can make even the simplest T-shirt or hoodie look stylish.


This word probably explains it all. The way a guy dresses is the way he is perceived. If you are still wearing those old clothes that scream boring or student days, then other people will more likely treat you like a person with no experience in the real world. Get the respect you deserve by getting rid of baggy pants and jean shorts. Replace it with something that speaks maturity, such as plaid long sleeve shirt or dark suits.

Colour Coordinated

Choose clothing that will complement the colour of your eyes. You can also wear something that suits your mood and the occasion. Keep in mind that colours should complement, but never match with one another.

Most young men today do not have a clue as to how to dress right. This, however, needs to change. Dressing sharp is important, and this guide will help you get started.