Termites: Detecting the Invisible Destructors

TermitesPeople protect and clean their homes regularly in order to keep it well maintained. Most of the times, however, destructions in people’s homes start at places where the naked eye cannot see, beneath the surface, above the ceiling, or in between the walls. Termites are one of the most costly, and destructive creatures that hit American homes.

Comprehensive termite services to exterminate colonies are available. Apart from that, detecting termites in your own homes is one way to prevent further infestation.

Here’s how:

  1. Hollow-sound

Termites live in between woods. Your wooden floor might look as good as new on the surface, but in reality, the insides are already infested by termites. One of the most common signs to detect termite is by tapping the wood. Wood surfaces that produce how sounds are most likely inhabited by termites consuming the surface from the inside out.

  1. Mud tubes

Termites can reach wide areas thanks to mud tubes. These tubes are used by termites in going from one place to another around your house. Mud tubes are one of the most common symptoms of termites’ infestation that are actually visible to the eye. Mud tubes are usually located in both the exterior and interiors of walls and even in foundations.

  1. Discarded wings

Other symptoms that is very much visible to the eyes are discarded wings. Some termites fly from one place to another in order to take up a new space. Seeing a swarm of termites is also possible. A swarm can leave a group of discarded wings that can serve as a warning sign to people.

Once any of these signs are seen in your home, call a termite termination services immediately. Mud tubes found in the kitchen might already be leading to your whole house without you knowing. Take action immediately, before it’s too late. After all, prevention is always better than cure. In this case, renovation.