Textile Time: Designing Your Home with Curtains and Draperies

Posted on Jan 9 2014 - 6:29am by Cathy Brunetti

home designing using draperiesCurtains and draperies make a house homier. They add personality to a room and provide a soft and light touch to a living space. They are also great insulators, blocking light, sound, heat, and cold. Curtains and drapes are used interchangeably, but they are two different kinds of window treatments. Curtains are made from lighter fabric. They hang from a curtain rod or rings attached to a rod, installed just above the window frame. Draperies are similar to curtains, except that they hang from the top of the wall to the floor. They are lined, pleated, and are made from heavier fabrics.

While window treatments, such as curtains and drapes, are usually the last elements added to a room, they can make a dazzling statement. Here are some creative ways to decorate your home with these window coverings:

Perfect Combination

Curtains and draperies in Malibu are flexible window coverings. You can combine them with other types of treatments. For instance, you can hang a lace, cotton, silk, or nylon curtains over a blind. You can also place the curtain beneath a velvet, chintz, or linen drapery for a more formal look. Adding decorative swags and jabots over a pleated drapery gives a room a luxurious appeal, while hanging draperies over a wooden shutter gives a home a traditional look.

Drama and Personality

Curtains and drapes add drama and bring a different personality to a room. You can make your living space look modern, luxurious, feminine, or masculine through these window treatments. The trick is choosing the right color and design. Drapes and curtains come from a variety of colors, style, and design, so you can surely find one that fits your design preferences.

Different Lengths for Different Moods

How long should draperies and curtains be? Generally, the longer they are, the more dignified and formal they look. Shorter lengths imply a relaxed, casual, and informal mood. When determining the length of curtains and draperies, think about the mood that you want to create in a room. In dressy or formal rooms, draperies should just touch the floor. Extra-long curtains that puddle the floor are perfect for a romantic room.

Curtains and draperies are both stylish and functional. They provide great insulation and offer different ways to dress windows.