The Essential Guide to Buying 3D Filament

3D printing of ball

Choosing the right 3D printing filament is essential, especially if you want to bring your creations to life. PLA is just one of the 3D printer filament material types for sale that consumers can select. Naturally, you’d want to use a filament that’s of the best quality. Here, we’ve created a guide to help you on how to determine the right filament for your project.

Choose the right material

There are two types of materials available today — ABS and PLA.

ABS is popular due to its flexibility, but it’s more carcinogenic, which may not be safe for children because of the fumes it releases.

Meanwhile, PLA tends to be more eco-friendly and is considered to be less toxic. Based on an article posted on Airobotics, a growing number of designers and engineers alike are slowly switching over to PLA because it’s easy to use and is reliable at the same time.

Pick the right color

Various brands have different shades and each shade has its own chemical component, which has an effect on the quality of your print. Choose a color that’s best suited for your project, so you’ll get better results.

Try to order a few samples

It’s always best to ask for samples before even considering buying in bulk. According to 3D Print, companies who are confident about their products would always be more than willing to send sample products. That way, you can have a better idea on a few advised tests before ordering in large spools.

Finding the right 3D filament is essential especially when you’re just starting out with 3D printing. So try to choose the material for your project to ensure that you’ll get your desired results.