The King Strikes Again: Why Gold Coins Matter This 2014 and Beyond

Posted on Mar 13 2014 - 4:31am by Paxton Yoshida

investing in gold coinsGold manages to revive its safe haven status, and buck the trend, rising almost 11% to date. With the rising geopolitical tensions, gold coins and bullions prosper. These are sound investments, as they’re a good store of value. They never lose their full worth, and they’re always in demand. If you buy gold bullion coins now, you’ll likely recoup more than 100% of your initial investment.

Gold Coins over Banknotes

Gold bullion coins have intrinsic value, unlike banknotes. The value of banknotes relies on government decrees, central bank gold reserves, and existing market movements. You can only exchange them for other items once they become legal tender.

Each country has its own currency, which may be worth more or less to another nation. Bullion, however, is a hard currency. Whether you’re from the US or UK, the value of gold coins doesn’t change once you move to another country. It doesn’t matter if you bought bullion coins from another country, as it’ll have the same market value.

Gold as a Universal Currency

Gold is a universal currency. All countries recognise this precious metal as payment because of its intrinsic value. Gold, no matter what its form, is always in demand. Its rarity keeps its value stable, making it an ideal store of value.

Gold in Varying Forms

Gold comes in varying forms, such as bars, bullion coins, and ingots. Its value depends on purity and weight. Manufacturers normally stamp the purity on the surface of each coin or bar. Bankers, jewellers and other industry experts weigh them by troy ounces. Gold coins with higher purity are rare, increasing their value.

Gold Coin’s Value

Keep in mind that bullion coins have higher worth than their face value; and all that glitters isn’t gold. There are many scammers out there. Some produce gold coins that have much lower value than their real worth. Some dealers offer delayed delivery or free storage. Look for the purity stamp on the coin to make sure you’re investing in something valuable.

Invest in hard currency and watch your money grow over time. Buy when market prices are low and compare each seller’s pricing.