The Right Time For Kids to Learn a New Language

Learning a second language offers several benefits to children. Studies suggest that it gives the brain a good workout due to its complexity. It improves attention or concentration, which is necessary in performing daily tasks. It improves your children’s social skills, as well as provides more opportunities later in career.

But how soon should a child learn another language? What kind of support parents need to give their children during the process? Can they learn new languages in primary schools in Dubai? Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai has some information for you.

The Perfect Age

Contrary to popular belief, language development does not end when your child already knows how to speak. It is a lifelong process, especially since modes of communication change. Consider how people now use emojis and abbreviations to talk on social media or text.

Children begin to develop their foundations for language during their first year. They can already babble between four and six months. They can also say mama and dada, although they do not know what those words mean.

When it comes to learning a new language, some researchers say it should be around three years old. Others recommend introducing it as soon as the child learns the native language. Experts do not provide the right time, but they encourage teaching it while they are still young.

A recent study showed how a person’s ability to learn another language decreases over time. One of the possible reasons is the amount of time a person can dedicate to learning.

As parents, one of the best ways to help your children learn another language is to send them to an international school. You can look for primary schools in Dubai that offer instructions in English, French and German. These educational facilities incorporate learning in an “unconscious” way. In other words, learning a new language comes out as something natural, nurturing and comfortable for the children.