The Ten Commandments of a Zen Home

Posted on Mar 6 2014 - 5:00am by Cathy Brunetti

home aquaponics systemToday’s stressful times and competitive environments often call for a timeout, a breather from the frantic milieu and a retreat to a relaxing, peaceful haven. Weekly trips to the spa are not the most practical bet. Zen-inspired homes are becoming a popular option, as these areas ease the stress you feel when you come home from work.

Here are the Ten Commandments on adding a touch of Zen in your home.

Thou shalt use earth colours

The design is all about exuding nature, so soft tones of white, grey, and beige work well to induce a calming and tranquil atmosphere. You could draw the colour scheme inspiration from the outside, with dark hues at the bottom and lighter tinges as you go up.

Thou shalt situate soft surfaces at your feet

Prioritise comfort when it comes to flooring. In this case, parquet, wood, and resin floor finishes are all great options. Carpets are okay too, as long as it complements the area.

Thou shalt bring nature inside

Zen is all about letting nature inspire you, so it’s important to bring the flora and fauna inside. Decorate rooms with indoor plants and employ water features. For a modern touch, you could install a home aquaponics system in a certain area.

Thou shalt choose light fabrics

Light curtains, sheets, and pillowcases match the minimal layout of your room. Stick to natural fabrics for best results.

Thou shalt maximise natural light

Ditch the fluorescent lights and use nature-inspired alternative lighting systems instead. Task and desk lamps are a good option. It’s fine to keep an overhead light as long as it’s calming.

Thou shalt keep furnishings simple

Simple, clear lines – this is what you’re aiming for with Zen-style furniture, so keep it simple.

Thou shalt minimise ornaments

With a Zen home, it’s time to keep paintings and photos inside cabinets and appreciate the plain, decluttered ambiance of a blank wall.

Thou shalt fill the room with natural scents

The smell of natural oils is a great addition to any area of the room to calm you down when you sleep and wake up.

Thou shalt remove distractions

Hide all electronic devices you have to lessen the disturbances and distractions you have at home. Nooks and crannies are a great place to stash your TV set and home entertainment system to keep a streamlined area with a serene vibe.

Thou shalt eliminate clutter

Clutter inhibits your relaxation, so make it a point to keep it at a minimum or even eliminate them altogether.

A Zen design may not be an actual design style, but it’s one of the trends that have been gaining popularity. With today’s stressful environment, it’s ideal that you employ a minimalist yet relaxing layout for your home.