The Timeless Appeal and Durability of Clay Tiled Roofs

Clay Tiled Roof from AucklandClay tiled roofs have a certain beauty to them that seems to withstand the test of time. Famously used in old European structures, some clay tiled roofs have been there for more than a hundred years, with only minimal wear.

Clay tiles are popular in Auckland because of their appeal and durability. As a preferred roofing material, there are several companies that specialise in roof repair and restoration, which include local companies like Barrier Roofing Ltd.

The Durability of Clay

Auckland has an oceanic climate, so it experiences long, dry summers and wet winters with minimal frost. The area is one of the sunniest in New Zealand, which also means that it has an exceedingly high UV index.

Roofing materials degrade quickly when exposed to excessive amounts of UV rays. Thankfully, clay tiles are naturally resistant to UV exposure because of their properties. Since clay tiles are baked at high temperatures to toughen them, applying additional heat does not affect them greatly.

Clay also has superior water resistant qualities compared to other materials like concrete. They absorb only 6% of the rainwater that falls on them, meaning less moisture and less stress on the structural foundation.

Clay tiles only need to replacing every 50 to 75 years or so and need very little to keep them clean. They do, however, require expert installation for them to withstand the elements, especially since they are a loose form of roof cladding. As such, the installation of clay roofs is subject to strict compliance with building codes to prevent falling debris.

The Beauty of Clay

Clay is undoubtedly attractive and it is no wonder that it is the preferred material for use in monumental buildings. Because of their colour and their overlapping shapes, clay tiles are decorative as well as functional.

Clay roofing tiles may be flat, barrel-shaped, or S-shaped. Modern designs even interlock, almost like a puzzle piece. They usually come in brown, natural terracotta colours, but can be glazed and coloured in different shades. They are popular with homeowners and as they match perfectly with the primarily European styled architecture of Auckland.