The Water Jet: an Eco-friendly Cutting Machine

Water-jet cutter

Water can be a powerful tool. It can cut through rocks to create canyons. The same power of water has been harnessed for industrial use, and with the use of automated tools, it provides precise cutting of various materials. In Edmonton, welding shops such as Advantage Manufacturing Ltd. can do the precision cutting with the use of water-jet equipment.

Versatile Tools

Water-jet cutting machines are convenient. They can cut stone, concrete, and metal.  These machines can cut metals of more than 150 milimiters in thickness. Due to the level of automation, the machines can be controlled remotely with computers, resulting in a precise cutting of the material. These jobs can be single, “one-off” tasks.

Besides cutting materials in the workshop or factory, water-jet cutting is also used in mining, where it cuts wood, rocks, coal, and more. The technology can also be used in tunneling and cleaning.

How It Works

In water-jet cutting, a pump is used to push water out of a nozzle. The nozzle is small, so the water hits the material with much force. Since the liquid is incompressible, the steady stream does not diminish its strength even as it hits the material to be cut. Unlike other cutting tools, the machine does not produce heat. It is a cutting process that results in no change in the material’s properties. In comparison, when using a torch to cut metal strips, the cut surface becomes brittle. Also, water-jet cutting does not put any mechanical stress on the material.

Water-jet cutting does not produce pollutants nor excess heat. The process is environmentally friendly.