Three Alternatives to Window Curtains

Man looking out the window

Curtains have been around since forever. As soon as windows existed, curtains came shortly after. But if curtain on windows is something you have outgrown, you can always seek out one of these three alternatives.

Motorised blinds

There are many benefits to installing motorised blinds on your window. On top of these benefits is convenience. With a simple click of a button, on either a remote control or your smartphone, you can draw these blinds up or down. Some technologically advanced varieties of this curtain alternative can even provide you with energy savings. In terms of design, they also offer a range of options for a wide variety of aesthetics.

Window film

A window film is something you can buy from a nearby grocery. This window privacy project is also something you can accomplish on your own, so if you are all for some DIY fun, this is a good option. Installation of window film is straightforward and easy. Most products available in groceries come with your needed tools.

Frosted window vinyl decals

These decals operate in the same way as window films. These are more visually appealing compared to films though. The best part about these window alternatives is that they allow 93% of light to shine through your windows while ensuring utmost privacy. These are also highly customisable. Hence, you can always fashion them based on your aesthetic proclivities.

Windows with curtains are traditional. And if you are all for the old, tried and tested, there is nothing wrong with this combination. If you wish for something more cutting-edge or modern, however, these three options should be right up your alley.